Thursday, March 19, 2009

Winners of Bahay Pinoy design competition

Winners of the "Bahay Pinoy" Bamboo House Design Competition were declared today, March 19, 2009, after three days of jury deliberations.

The winners were chosen from among 31 entries for the professional division and from 43 entries for the student/graduate category. Semi-finalist were chosen on the first day of judging and the final three chosen on the last day of judging. The sealed envelope containing the names of the winners were opened after the winning entries were chosen. (from Bahay Pinoy)

The jury is composed of the following:
Arch. Cristina Turalba - Chairman
Engr. Willie Segovia
Arch. Amado de Jesus
Arch. Mike Guerrero
Arch. Renato Herray
Arch. Luisa Daya-Garcia

In addition to the three winners for the professional division, the jury also decided to award a Special Citation for Innovativeness/Creativity to one entry which showed very significant design innovation.

The results are the following:


First Place: Arch. Elaine Marie Sarmiento (Diliman Chapter)

Second Place: Arch. Ted Villamor Inocencio (Sta. Mesa Chapter)

Third Place: Arch. Diego Rimando (Baguio Chapter)

Special Jury Citation for Innovativeness: Archts. John Patrick Anthony Buensalido; Ernesto Medrano, Raymond Balmes;Marie Boncan; Emereauldine Eliseo; Nathan Fabe; Ysrael Guy; Bayani dela Pasion (Alabang Chapter)


First Place: Dorey Dee M. Balisi (graduate of UST-2008)

Second Place: Lea Constancia Cruz; Andrea Janzen Santos; Donna Veronica Rabe; Verna Lucia Sarraga; Alyanna Ignacio ( Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila)

Third Place: Lovelian Reyes; Brian Bayona; Paulo Jose; Rannie Sherman; Bon Campana; Ryan Mariano (Mapua Institute of Technology)

The winners will proceed to Phase 2 of the competition where they will work on the presentaion boards on 20"x30" illustration boards (see deliverables).

Thursday, March 5, 2009

FAQs #3

I just want to ask a question regarding the contest.
Can we use any kind of paper as long as it is A3 in size?
- Yes, you can.

How many A3 sheets do you expect for submission? Is it better to
compress the information into a few sheets or to splurge on
presentation which would take up more?
- submission requirement is 4 sheets of A3 including the cost estimate. You also have to submit 3 sets of these 4 sheets.

is the 20-30 sq. meter is the total floor area of the project? or it is only a building footprint?
ung 20-30 sq. m. lot po ba un? o floor area?
- It is the building footprint. Floor area ranges from 20sqm up to 30 sqm.
- FLOOR AREA ranges from 20sqm up to 30sqm only.


2.4.1 Download the Competition Entry Form from the competition website.
2.4.2 Fill up the Competition Entry Form and place in a plain white envelope (105mm x 240mm) and seal the envelope.
2.4.3 The exterior of the white envelope should only contain the following: "Bahay Pinoy" Design Competition 2009
2.4.4 Place the three (3) sets A3 size of all the drawings, concept report/detailed drawings, direct cost estimate and the white envelope (105mm x 240mm) inside a brown envelope (255mm x 375mm) and seal the envelope.

2.4.5 The Competition Secretariat will assign number to the brown envelope and the same number with the white envelope.
2.4.6 The white sealed envelope shall only be open after the winners have been announced by the jury.


Please indicate at the right side upper portion of the brown envelope, if you are an architect (write "Architect" only) and if you are a student/graduate (write "Student" or "Graduate" only).


Final Registration

Registration for the competition ended last March 2.

We received a total of 31 registrants for the professional category and 43 entries for the students/graduate category.

Submission of entries will be on March 12.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Revised Deadline for Submission of Entries


Deadline for Registration March 2, 2009
Deadline for submission of Questions March 6, 2009
Deadline to dispatch answers to questions (by competition committee) March 10,2009
Deadline for submission of Entries March 12, 2009
Judging March 17-21, 2009
Deadline for submission of board by winners April 15, 2009
Awarding April 25, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Registration Extended

In view of the numerous queries regarding registration for the competition especially those coming from the provinces, the Committee has decided to extend the deadline for registration up to March 2, 2009 to accommodate more participation in this very worthy competition. However, the deadline for submission of entries will still be the same. Below is the new schedule of the Bahay Pinoy Bamboo Design Competition:

Deadline for Registration: March 2, 2009
Deadline for submission of questions: March 10, 2009
Deadline to dispatch answers to questions: March 12, 2009
Deadline for submission of entries: March 15, 2009
Judging: March 23-25, 2009
Deadlinefor submission of boards by winners: April 15, 2009
Awarding: April 25, 2009 (UAP National Convention)

Please be guided accordingly.

Archt. Rey S. Gabitan
UAP Competitions Committee Chairman

Archt. Amado E. Tandoc Jr.
UAP National Treasurer
Competition Consultant


***How we will submit the registration form? Is it via e-mail or we will be submitting it to the competition secretariat personally?

- you can submit your registration thru e-mail by scanning the filled-up registration form and the deposit slip for the registration fee. Or you can send them by mail to the competition secretariat. Attach a copy of your registration form in your submission of entries.

***If we are joining as a team, do each member has individual registration form? If not, on what part of registration form we will be writing the names of the group member? And, do we still need to provider personal information on each team member?

- for team entry, you can write the personal information of the team leader only and the names of the members can be written at the lower portion of the registration form. Or, you can have all the members each fill up a registration form and indicate on the upper part if team leader or team member and submit together in one group or file.

***i would like to ask if student categories should also provide cost estimate? and another thing is how should we submit the registration requirements?

-yes, student entries should also provide cost estimate. For registration requirements pls. refer to competition manual we sent you or in this blog.